IT Patrol inc hereinafter referred to as "CONTRACTOR", and a client referred to as  hereinafter "CUSTOMER", have agreed to provide services under this Terms of Service (TOS).

One. Description of Services

1.1. CONTRACTOR on behalf of the Customer places its web site on their server, and also provides services for receiving, storing and sending electronic messages in accordance with the protocols SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, and also provides additional services.

1.2. Services in this annex will be provided within 5 minutes of receipt at the expense of CONTRACTOR first advance payment for the selected package plan for the period paid for months. An exception is made when payment has been made to bypass the order form, in which case the services will be provided within 2 days.

1.3. For VIP packages service is provided on a separate server.

1.4. For "DruFly" packages service is provided on a separate server.

1.5  For "Drupal server" packages service is provided on a single dedicated server, exclusively delegated to client.

Two. Features of Service

2.1. Customer self-creates, modifies and deletes the mail boxes, websites, databases and etc

2.2. Customer agrees to host the sites made on Drupal CMS / CMF. Installing other CMS (Joomla, Mambo and other systems) is prohibited.

2.2.1 Accommodation of systems that complement the functionality of the site: forums, stores, CRM (constituent relationship management), the gallery.

2.2.2 Accommodation of additional Web tools provided on the closure of their password through. Htaccess. It may be visiting the site analysis tools, a database, file system access and the like.

2.3. CONTRACTOR chooses is used to provide services to software and configure it so that the adjustment to satisfy most customers.

2.4. File management sites is via SSH and FTP.

2.5. In the case of a server on a platform of "Drufly" client has the ability to manage your website based on multisaytinga. Access to the core Drupal system is not available. Once a day is updated all the modules from the contrib repository, and if necessary - on the site of the CUSTOMER database update is performed by update.php. If the update has led to violations of the site of the CUSTOMER, the CONTRACTOR shall, at the request of the CUSTOMER first (but not later than 10 days from the date of automatic renewal), to restore the database from backup, and provide the ability to update the CUSTOMER in manual mode. When a new version of Drupal 6.x, the CONTRACTOR shall notify the customer of the date when the system is updated on the servers, but not later than 5 days from the date of the release of new versions.

2.6. The mailboxes may be created only under the condition of existence on account of the CUSTOMER domain in the DNS settings, which as a mail server, a server name that hosts the account of the CUSTOMER. This condition must be met for correct operation of the e-mail, otherwise the correct operation of the e-mail is not guaranteed.

2.7. CONTRACTOR shall provide backup information (files and databases, websites) CUSTOMER, located at the facilities of CONTRACTOR, to restore it in case of loss.

2.8. Backup copies are available from the last day, last Monday, the last first day of the month and are available upon request to the customer within 6 hours from receipt of the request.

2.10. CONTRACTOR does not guarantee the sending and receiving e-mail to CUSTOMER in the following cases:§ mail server where the mailbox at the address which is sending an electronic mail message the CUSTOMER does not accept it aimed at NIC's message;§ do not belong to the CONTRACTOR e-mail servers in the path of an electronic mail message inoperable or have wrong settings that prevent delivery of messages or leads to a distortion of the message;§ CUSTOMER mailbox is full;§ do not belong to the CONTRACTOR DNS-servers in the domain, the address from which it sends or receives e-mail messages that are not connected to the Internet or do not function in accordance with the standards or contain DNS zone records necessary to ensure the delivery of electronic mail messages.

2.11. At the NIC from the computer:§ pornography or any material of a sexual nature, text, graphics, audio and video, or links to them contain any form of obscenity and violence, even if they are legal;

§ scripts web chats, IRC server or client;

§ top-sites (sites that advertise under the guise of the rating services of one company);

§ file archives, mp3 and video sharing sites;

§ crack / hack sites;

§ doorways;

§ doorways;

§ proxies;

§ Investment sites (Forex,exchange electronic money);

§ AutoSurf sites;

§ sites that promote illegal activities;

§ Sites of high-investment funds;

§ sites, and financial pyramid schemes;

§ banking program;

§ lottery sites.

§ sites made not on the Drupal CMS / CMF.

§ scripts or websites designed for a mass mailing, icq, irc, jabber, or any other communications

In addition to the conditions set out in the first part of this paragraph, from servers and websites CUSTOMER prohibited spam, and advertising of the Customer or its website by third parties send SPAM or user terminal CUSTOMER.These actions are considered the CUSTOMER, as an intention to cause harm to others.

12.2 The CONTRACTOR undertakes to provide operational support to clients during the period from 8 to 24 with the WCS on weekdays from Monday to Saturday and Sunday pyatnitsu.V solved the problem of the critical level, namely:§ problems in the server software and physical components§ problems associated with the inaccessibility of sites on the server through the fault of CONTRACTOR

2.13 The CONTRACTOR agrees to abide by cultural communication with the client, maintaining a healthy atmosphere of Hosting

2.14 The Customer undertakes to comply with cultural communication with staff and provide the CONTRACTOR any information necessary to solve customer problems.In the case of violations referred to in this paragraph the Contractor may suspend services to the CUSTOMER and unilaterally to completely abandon the execution of this contract by giving notice to the Customer by e-mail within three days from the date of suspension of service.

Three. Payment for services

3.1 CUSTOMER agrees to pay for services.

3.2 The Customer undertakes to notify the CONTRACTOR to stop using the services.

3.3 Upon receipt of payment is not sent within 7 (seven) calendar days after the expiration of paid period, the Contractor may suspend the provision of services. These are not deleted.

3.4 When not receive payment within 21 (twenty one) calendar days from the date of expiration of subscription period, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to delete all the files CUSTOMER stored on equipment CONTRACTOR. CUSTOMER account and access the control panel are retained for a period whose duration is determined by the CONTRACTOR. In consequence of the account and the information associated with it can be removed without notice, CUSTOMER, and access to the control panel is locked.

3.5 If the Customer refuses to use the services, CONTRACTOR shall return the funds to the CUSTOMER. Refund amount corresponds to the number of days from the date of refusal before the expiry date of the service.


The proposed goods and services are not provided by order of a person or enterprise operating system WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent company, providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers. Companies that operate the system WebMoney Transfer, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for their participation in the provision of services and are not responsible for our actions.Verification done by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our contact information and identity. It is our desire to and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales system operators WebMoney.Five. Conditions change

Five. Changes to this documents

5.1 CONTRACTOR shall have the right to unilaterally change TOS. Customer can be notified of changes by technical means of the resource.

5.2 Changing the TOS shall not be retroactive, and stepping into effect immediately after publication in the Contractor's site